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Securely upload your entire freelance contact directory.

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Call Sheets

Create call sheets online in minutes, share instantly.

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A single place to manage multiple projects at once.

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Manage your records...

Securely upload and manage your entire directory of freelance contacts.

Invite colleagues to join your account. Other admins can create, edit and collaborate on projects with you.

Simply create a custom database of departments and positions. Organise your contacts as you do normally, just online.




Call Sheets

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The perfect online tool

Save huge amounts of time when creating call sheets.

Find automatic weather forecasts and maps for any location in the world. 

Add multiple locations, schedules, travel itineraries, documents and more. 

Drag and drop sections to create custom layouts for any production.

Duplicate templates for further time saving when collating production information.

Send out automatic emails with attached PDFs to your crews at the touch of a button.

Download and print unlimited numbers of PDF versions of your call sheets .




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Collaborate with colleagues

Add project editors to enable secure collaboration - even with freelancers. Because Optaset is cloud hosted, you’ll always know you’re working on the latest version.

Manage multiple current projects, for an entire company if needed. Access them from anywhere in the world, via any internet-connected device.

Securely and automatically save all the production information you ever create. Archive or delete it as per your wishes.



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